Lindon, Utah, May 28, 2024

By Grace Weston,

Ever since Just Ingredients started launching personal care products for women, we’ve been anxiously awaiting the moment for the men in our lives to have the same luxury!

That time has come. Just Ingredients, the pioneering brand known for its commitment to clean, natural personal care products, is proud to announce the launch of its highly anticipated men's line! This expansion marks a significant milestone for the company as it continues to redefine the standards of personal care with products designed specifically for men.

The men’s line includes a body lotion, beard oil, magnesium deodorant, aftershave, face serum, and age defender. The products are free of harsh ingredients and are made from carefully crafted formulas that leave your skin moisturized, without feeling greasy.

The three scent options are Cedarwood Spice, Eucalyptus Clove, and Mountain Pine, and can be bought separately or together in the “Men’s Essential Gift Set.”

Historically, skincare has been a conversation mostly dominated by women, but this is changing. The truth is, there are just as many toxic chemicals in men's products as there are in women's on the market. The “ingredient” conversation has become louder in recent years than ever before, and companies like Just Ingredients have given us healthier and cleaner alternatives. For that, we are so grateful! Ashleigh shares, “I love the sleek black bottles and my husband has been surprised at how much he likes the aftershave. As always–we are grateful for products we can trust.”

Just Ingredients is dedicated to transparency and real ingredients.

As Karalynne Call, founder of Just Ingredients, says, “We are committed to using premium quality ingredients that act as food for the skin.” Just Ingredients is showing us a better way to take care of our bodies, from the food we eat, to the products we put on our skin. As Call expresses often, our skin needs healthy nourishment too! And mens’ skin is no exception.

Launched in 2019 by Karalynne Call, an entrepreneur, nutritionist, and mother of six who experienced a person journey of healing by making healthier product choices for herself and her family (pictured above), and sharing those ideas with like-minded people using social media. In the process, she attracted over a million dedicated followers to the cause of using products containing real ingredients and nothing else.


Grace Weston is Co-Founder of Nona Rose, based in Pleasant Grove, a female-led, campaign-based, brand awareness and community-building agency. Nona Rose helps businesses improve their marketing performance through organic channels such as SEO, digital and experiential PR, and social media. The agency was co-founded by sisters, Grace and Camille Weston.


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