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729 Articles Mark Tullis
Mark Tullis

Mark is Co-founder/Editor of TechBuzz News. From Ogden, UT, Mark attended WSU, BYU, and Tufts. He has been involved in tech, media, publishing since the 80s.

131 Articles Austin Craig
Austin Craig

Austin Craig is a media producer, writer, and entrepreneur. Before his tenure at TechBuzz as a writer and editor, he produced podcasts and led marketing at a cryptocurrency startup.

98 Articles Mattea Gygi
Mattea Gygi

Mattea Gygi studied English at BYU focusing on professional writing. In 2021 she was an intern at TechBuzz and then worked full time as a writer in 2022. Mattea is from Boise, ID.

37 Articles Amelia England
Amelia England

Amelia England is a content marketer/creative writer from SLC. She has an MA in Literature from Oregon State University. She wrote articles for TechBuzz and worked on Marketing at IsoTalent.

29 Articles Elainna Ciaramella
Elainna Ciaramella

Elainna Ciaramella is a business journalist and writer living in St. George. Elainna interviews business owners, researchers, university leaders, and c-suite executives from all over the country.

19 Articles Jenny Rollins
Jenny Rollins

Utah-based Jenny Rollins is an award-winning writer, editor, and content producer. Jenny is a senior editor for and manages her own freelance writing and editing business stories.

10 Articles Robb Lifferth
Robb Lifferth

Robb has worked in the Utah start-up world for nearly 20 years. Robb believes that by putting people first, the business world will be a better place. Robb is a Co-founder of TechBuzz and IsoTalent.

9 Articles Ava Tullis
Ava Tullis

Ava Tullis is a freshman at BYU. She attended Maeser Prep where she served as a SheTech ambassador for four years. Ava was a SheTech student board member and founded the SheTech Media Internship.

8 Articles Kira Hakes
Kira Hakes

Kira Hakes is a freshman at UVU. She attended Karl G. Maeser Preparatory Academy. Kira was one of the first SheTech-TechBuzz Media Interns in 2023-24.

7 Articles Karin Anderson
Karin Anderson

Karin Anderson is a nonfiction and fiction writer focused on people, places, and cultures of the Great Basin. She was an English professor at UVU for 30 years. She earned a English PhD from the UofU.

7 Articles Allison Korth
Allison Korth

Allison Korth is returning Goldman Sachs Summer Analyst. Originally from Walnut Creek, California, Korth studied business at BYU. In 2020-21, she was an intern for TechBuzz, one of our first from BYU.

6 Articles Isabelle Wolchek
Isabelle Wolchek

Isabelle Wolcheck has been a SheTech-TechBuzz media intern during 2023-24. Isabelle is also a SheTech Student Board member. She attends DaVinci Academy of Science and the Arts in Ogden, Utah.

5 Articles Logan Mallory
Logan Mallory

Logan Mallory is VP of Marketing at Motivosity. Previously, at Workfront and LogMeIn, he served marketing director positions. He also served as adjunct faculty at BYU where he earned an MBA and BA.

5 Articles Alli Sather
Alli Sather

Alli Sather attends Da Vinci Academy of the Sciences and the Arts in Ogden, UT. She has been a SheTech-TechBuzz intern during 2023-24, the inaugural year of the internship.

5 Articles Chase Prather
Chase Prather

Chase Prather is a Venture Capital Research Associate at ARK Investment Management. Previously, he was a Venture Capital Associate at Sweater VC. While at the UofU, Chase became our first intern.

4 Articles Cydni Tetro
Cydni Tetro

Cydni Tetro, 2023 EY Entrepreneur of the Year, nationally renowned technology leader, trailblazer for women in tech, is President of Women Tech Council and CIO of Swire Coca Cola.

4 Articles Robby Poffenberger
Robby Poffenberger

Robby Poffenberger is a copy writer at Better Being. In 2023 he graduated in Journalism from UVU where he edited the school's news publication. That year he also he served as a TechBuzz intern.

4 Articles Tara Spalding
Tara Spalding

Tara Spalding is the Chief Experience Officer and Managing Director of International Programs for World Trade Center Utah (WTC Utah), based in Salt Lake City.

4 Articles Grace Weston
Grace Weston

Grace Weston is Co-Founder (with her sister, Camille), of Nona Rose, a brand awareness and community-building agency based in Pleasant Grove, UT. Grace studied entrepreneurship at BYU.

4 Articles Ryan Seamons
Ryan Seamons

Ryan Seamons is COO of Latitude and the Founder of Groove, a leadership organization that helps leaders actually do something to improve employee engagement via a four-step program and survey.

4 Articles Shantelle Erskine
Shantelle Erskine

Shantelle Erskine is a Homebuilder Concierge at Sunrun. Born in Ogden, UT, Shantelle studied Communications at UVU. In 2021 she interned for TechBuzz News and wrote articles as a student journalist.

4 Articles Eliza Jane Pace
Eliza Jane Pace

Eliza Jane Pace studied Communication and Journalism at the UofU. In Winter and Spring of 2021, she was an intern at TechBuzz. She is now a reporter for KSL 5 and recently also worked for Fox 13 News.

4 Articles Brian Rodriguez
Brian Rodriguez

Brian Rodriguez, from Mesa, AZ, studied Strategic Communications at the UofU and was on the Dean's List. He enjoys hiking, fishing, music, photography and writing. He was an intern at TechBuzz.

4 Articles Gabby Davis
Gabby Davis

Gabby studied Strategic Communications at the UofU. She was born in Sandy, UT and enjoys living an active lifestyles, sports, and spending time with family. Gabby was an intern for TechBuzz.

4 Articles Benson Grotegut
Benson Grotegut

Benson Grotegut is a Junior at Brigham Young University's Information Systems program. He enjoys website development, programming, and data analysis. Born and raised in Midway, Utah, he enjoys moun...

4 Articles Connor Holland
Connor Holland

Connor Holland studied Economics at BYU. He hails from San Jose, CA and loves to read, juggle and surf. He's an avid traveler. Connor was an intern and writer for TechBuzz.

4 Articles Jennifer Kraszewski
Jennifer Kraszewski

Jennifer is Sr Exec VP Human Resources at Paycom, an Oklahoma-based payroll company that has growing presence in Salt Lake City.

3 Articles Griffin Croft
Griffin Croft

Griffin Croft, from San Clemente, CA, studies Finance at BYU and hopes one day to work in private equity. Croft was a TechBuzz Intern.

3 Articles Trevor Smith
Trevor Smith

Trevor Smith is from Provo, Utah. He is studying Accounting and Finance at BYU. He currently serves as BYU's Pickleball Club President. He was an intern at TechBuzz.

3 Articles Kiel Shaub
Kiel Shaub

Kiel Shaub received his Ph.D. in English from UCLA, moved to Utah and now writes on intersections among education, technology, science, and the humanities. He reports on EdTech for TechBuzz.

3 Articles Logan Christensen
Logan Christensen

Logan Christensen studied English at UVU. In 2021-22, he wrote for TechBuzz as an intern. Logan was born and raised in Spanish Fork, UT.

3 Articles Tessa White
Tessa White

Tessa White is CEO of The Job Doctor, a practice dedicated to helping individuals navigate the workplace and companies re-engage their employees. Tessa is a TechBuzz Advisory Board Member.

3 Articles Andrea Morris
Andrea Morris

Andrea Morris, from Winston-Salem, NC, graduated from BYU. She was a TechBuzz intern in 2021 both as a reporter and a programmer. Morris also interned at RevRoad and now works for Lifetime Products.

3 Articles Austin Miller
Austin Miller

Austin Miller is Founder and Board Member of IsoTalent.

3 Articles Makayla Geddes
Makayla Geddes

Makayla Geddes studied technical writing and fine arts at Weber State University. In the Summer of 2021 she was a TechBuzz Intern. She is now a Logistics Management Specialist at Hill Air Force Base.

3 Articles Olivia Liu
Olivia Liu

Olivia studied pre-law and economics at the UofU. Olivia was an intern for TechBuzz in Summer of 2021. She now works at Qualtrics in Enterprise Support. She enjoys running/hiking in Utah’s mountains.

3 Articles Dennis Wood
Dennis Wood

Dennis Wood is an Executive Recruiter at Recruiting Connection. Formerly CEO at and, and over HR at Fusion-io, Wood has spent his career building winning organizations.

3 Articles Davis Warnock
Davis Warnock

Davis Warnock is a founder and GP at Prelude, Mercato Partners' venture capital fund. Alongside his partners he invests a newly raised fund into General Technology, Saas, and Cyber Security companies.

2 Articles Trina Limpert
Trina Limpert

Trina Limpert is Executive Director of Silicon Slopes Executive Network, Slopes Collective. She is also Co-Founder of non-profit Tech-Moms. Previously, she held positions at eBay and Oracle.

2 Articles Trish Alderman
Trish Alderman

Trish Alderman, is a mother of four, wife to one, tax accountant in a previous life. She is a Freakonomics junkie and "stay-at-home mom." Trish loves cycling and exploring red rocks with her kids.

2 Articles Brent Thomson
Brent Thomson

Brent Thomson is Co-founder and CEO of Blip. After studying computer science at BYU, he started several software companies, including Jive which was sold to LogMeIn in 2018 for $357 million.

2 Articles Baylee Hite
Baylee Hite

Baylee Hite studied Business at BYU. During Winter Semester 2021, Hite was an intern at TechBuzz. She loves writing. She now owns her own bakery and enjoys boating on Utah lakes in the summertime.

2 Articles Tylee Hunt
Tylee Hunt

Tylee Hunt is a Multi-platform Producer at NBC 5 DFW. She graduated in Digital Journalism and Dance at Marymount Manhattan College. In 2020-21, Tylee was an intern for TechBuzz in St. George, UT.

2 Articles Caden Judd
Caden Judd

Caden Judd is originally from Chicago but grew up Walnut Creek, CA. While at BYU Judd became a TechBuzz intern in 2021. He is now Director of User Acquisition at Stutor, an edtech startup in Lehi, UT.

1 Article Jonathan Malan
Jonathan Malan

Jonathan has been in HR for 15 years. He’s worked in small startups to international Fortune 50 organizations. He's currently at IsoTalent and also writes for TechBuzz on HR/ Management topics.

1 Article Carrie Hill
Carrie Hill

Carrie Hill is a public relations and strategic partnership professional with an emphasis on working with nonprofits supporting; women, children, veterans, and mental health awareness.

1 Article Tony Lewis
Tony Lewis

Anthony (Tony) Lewis, is CEO and co-founder, of Aumni. Previously, Lewis was a director at Resources Global Professionals (RGP), a San Francisco-based multinational professional services firm.

1 Article Steven Smith
Steven Smith

Steven J. Smith is an expert on the hiring process. As ApplicantPro's Chief Hiring Expert and author of The Hiring Tree (2022), Smith is passionate about all aspects of hiring.

1 Article Cecily Jorgensen
Cecily Jorgensen

Cecily Jorgensen is Dir. of Project Management at Avalaunch Media and Exec. Board Member and Mentorship Cmt Chair of Silicon Slopes Women in Leadership. She graduated from Northern Arizona University.

1 Article Curtis Morely
Curtis Morely

Curtis Morely is Founder/CEO of Counterfeit Emotions and Founder and CEO of The Entrepreneur's Paradox. Previously, he was the Director of Kahlert Initiative on Technology, from 2019-2022.

1 Article Paige Penke
Paige Penke

Paige Penze is Senior Vice President, Global Commercial Banking, Technology Sector, at Bank of America in Salt Lake City.

1 Article Scott Olmsted
Scott Olmsted

Scott Olmsted is a Technology & Green Economy Industry Executive, Global Commercial Banking, with Bank of America Salt Lake City.

1 Article Glenn Jakins
Glenn Jakins

Glenn Jakins is CEO of Humless, a Lindon, Utah-based pioneer in reliable power systems based on clean energy sources.

1 Article Ivan Houlihan
Ivan Houlihan

Ivan Houlihan is Senior VP and Head of the US West Coast for IDA Ireland, the national investment development agency for Ireland.

1 Article Dr. Mark Matheson
Dr. Mark Matheson

Dr. Mark Matheson has served as partner/director at three investment banks and has taught business at three universities. He has a degree in Chemical Engineering from the UofU and an MBA from Harvard.

1 Article Robert Buckley
Robert Buckley

Robert Buckley is Chief People Officer at Enveda Biosciences. Previously, he was SVP, Chief People Officer at RainFocus and Minova, and HR Director at eBay. Buckley calls himself an "HR architect."

1 Article Glen Mella
Glen Mella

Glen Mella is Chief Revenue Officer of OliverIQ. Previously, he was CEO and founder of Axcend, Co-Founder of Cypher, and President/COO of Control4. Mella is member of the TechBuzz advisory board.

1 Article Loren Larsen
Loren Larsen

Loren Larsen has served as CEO of Videra Health Since 2020. Previously he spent nearly ten years as CTO of HireVue. Larsen focuses on the ethical use of video and AI to improve healthcare.

1 Article Saxton Nelson
Saxton Nelson

Saxton Nelson is an audio engineer at KSL 5 TV. In 2021 he graduated with a BA in English from the UofU. That year he served briefly as an intern at TechBuzz.

1 Article David Politis
David Politis

David Politis, "Marketing Mercenary at The David Politis Company" is a BYU-educated writer covering investments in Utah's tech sector via Utah Money Watch.

1 Article Salma Al-Shuqairat
Salma Al-Shuqairat

Salma Al-Shuqairat is active in SheTech and served as a SheTech Ambassador for Karl G. Maeser Preparatory Academy in Lindon, UT from 2021-24. Salma is now attending BYU.

1 Article Luke Howard
Luke Howard

Luke Howard is from Las Vegas. He just completed his freshman year at BYU, studying finance. He writes for TechBuzz News.

1 Article Joe Tuia'ana
Joe Tuia'ana

Joe Tuia'ana is founder and CEO of i love you bro PROJECT, a non-profit that supports men's mental health via support groups, workshops and solution-based therapy.

1 Article Lane Losee
Lane Losee

Lane Losee is VP of Operations at IsoTalent, a full-service recruiting firm headquartered in Lehi, Utah.

1 Article Jennifer Ahlstrom
Jennifer Ahlstrom

Jennifer grew up in Silicon Valley and has lived on the Wasatch Front since 1985, supporting Utah entrepreneurship and founding the cancer foundation, Jenny also writes for TechBuzz.

1 Article Richard Godfrey
Richard Godfrey

Richard Godfrey is Co-founder and CEO of Salt Lake City-based leadership development organization, Avec me. Godfrey is a member of the Promise2Live Mental Health series sponsored by Silicon Slopes.

1 Article Preston Edgin
Preston Edgin

Preston Edgin hails from Colorado Springs, CO. While studying at BYU he was an intern for TechBuzz in 2021.

1 Article Siria Snounou
Siria Snounou

Siria Snounou lives in Clinton, Utah and studied Technical and Professional Writing at Weber State University. She was an intern -reporter for TechBuzz.

1 Article David Sampson
David Sampson

David Sampson has worked for EY, served as VP of Finance and Controller for and Fusion-io as VP of Finance. Recently he has been the CFO of Tolero Pharmaceuticals in Lehi, UT.

1 Article Johnny Hanna
Johnny Hanna

Johny Hanna is an entrepreneur in Utah and served as CEO and co-founder of the Utah-based real estate company, Homie. He guest-authored articles for TechBuzz.

1 Article Brandy Vega
Brandy Vega

Brandy Vega is an entrepreneur, media guru, mother, philanthropist, and advocate. She’s the founder of Vega Media Studios and CEO of DANcan, a tech startup focusing on digital authentication.

1 Article Tom Telford
Tom Telford

Tom Telford is the owner of LÉVO - A Mind Care Company, the co-host and co-founder of BrainStoke, a member of Promise2Live's Advisory Board, and adjunct faculty at Weber State University.

1 Article Doug Baird
Doug Baird

Doug Baird is Founder and President of RainFocus, a Lehi, UT-based events technology company focused on data management, marketing automation, and strategic event management.

1 Article Cameron McBride
Cameron McBride

Cameron MdBride is CEO of Blomquist Hale Solutions, a Salt Lake City-based company specializing in mental health solutions including stress, anxiety, family counseling, legal problems and eldercare.

1 Article Jasmine Aguilar
Jasmine Aguilar

Jasmine Aguilar attends American Preparatory Academy in West Valley City, Utah. She serves as a SheTech ambassador for her school. She is a SheTech-TechBuzz media intern.

1 Article Sage Singleton
Sage Singleton

Sage Singleton is a Utah-based writer and marketing professional at Clearlink. She holds a B.A. in Communication from Westminster College.

1 Article Ganel-Lyn Condie
Ganel-Lyn Condie

Ganel-Lyn Condie is a popular motivational speaker known for inspiring others with her unique honesty, authenticity and spirit. She is dedicated to her family, faith, and inspiring others.

1 Article Peter Christiansen
Peter Christiansen

Based in Salt Lake City, Peter Christiansen is a writer for Clearlink. Christiansen writes about satellite internet, rural connectivity, live streaming, and telecom policy.

1 Article Paul Bingham
Paul Bingham

Paul Bingham is VP and Associate Dean in WGU’s College of Information Technology. Bingham leads four cybersecurity degree programs with a combined enrollment of over 17,500 full-time students.

1 Article Craig Bushey
Craig Bushey

Craig Bushey is Electric Thermal Solutions Director for Chromalox. He holds a BA in Environmental Resource Management from Penn State University. He enjoys time with family, skiing, and the outdoors.

1 Article Christine Wzorek
Christine Wzorek

Christine Wzorek is CEO of White Label Advisors, a team of Human Capital Strategists based in Salt Lake City supporting high-growth organizations through sustainable talent and people processes.

1 Article Robert Bishop
Robert Bishop

Robert Bishop is a Salt Lake City-based serial tech entrepreneur who has started, scaled, and exited five tech companies. Currently, he serves as CEO of FLTVlabs. He loves family, cycling and movies.

1 Article Emily Flinders
Emily Flinders

Emily Flinders is Director of Operations of the Stena Center for Financial Technology at the University of Utah. FintechXstudio is a fintech incubator and accelerator for students at the Stena Center.

1 Article Roy Glasberg
Roy Glasberg

Roy Glasberg, Founder and Managing Partner of AnD Ventures, has created and managed hundreds of startup initiatives for several large tech companies and has worked with over 600 startups.

1 Article Margaret Busse
Margaret Busse

Margaret Woolley Busse is Executive Director at Utah Department of Commerce. She has been a speaker/panelist on regulatory reform, social enterprise, political polarization, and women in leadership.

1 Article Joe Staples
Joe Staples

Joe Staples is Go-to-Market advisor and former CMO with Genesys, Workfront and Motivosity. He an adjunct faculty member at UVU teaching marketing.

1 Article Nolan Jeppesen
Nolan Jeppesen

Nolan Jeppesen studies Economics at BYU. Jeppesen has developed a keen interest in AI prompt engineering which he applied, along with research and writing, as an intern for TechBuzz.

1 Article Newsha Makooi
Newsha Makooi

Newsha Makooi serves as VP and Dean, Western Governors University (WGU), College of IT. Makooi received his master’s degree in computer information systems from the University of Denver.

1 Article Diogo Myrrha
Diogo Myrrha

Diogo Myrrha is a partner at Album VC, an investment firm headquartered in Lehi, Utah. Diogo is a member of the Tech Buzz News Advisory Board.

1 Article Eli Adams
Eli Adams

Eli Adams is founder of Digital Experience Academy, a bootstrapped business education startup headquartered in Lehi to help people create side businesses in the digital space.

1 Article Rueben Holdaway
Rueben Holdaway

Reuben Holdaway an investor at Convoi Ventures, an active pre-seed venture capital firm in Utah. Additionally, Reuben serves on boards at his alma mater—UVU—and in his local Chamber of Commerce.

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