By Brandy Vega

I’m both an entrepreneur and a mom and who nearly lost a child to suicide. As the founder of the Promise2Live campaign, I am writing to you today with a plea that is both urgent and heartfelt. It’s time we take a stand against an issue that’s been silently stealing lives for far too long.

I invite you to attend the Silicon Slopes Mental Health Town Hall in Lehi on January 18, 2024 to learn more about our innovative campaign that will help STOP THE STIGMA, START CONVERSATIONS, AND SAVE LIVES.

The Promise2Live campaign presents a unique opportunity for companies, organizations, and individuals to join a global initiative with immense social impact. It is a simple yet significant campaign that everyone can participate in, and it only takes seconds. 

Globally someone dies by suicide every 40 seconds. In about that same amount of time people can take the Promise2Live and share it on social media! Our goal is to create a viral movement. We ask them to Promise, whether or not they personally struggle, that if they ever feel sad, depressed, hopeless, or suicidal they will reach out to a friend, family member, or a trusted resource or call or text 988!

Studies show people are significantly more likely to keep a promise made ahead of time.

The urgency of our mission is underscored by the staggering suicide statistics that continue to haunt our societies. Each year, millions of lives are affected by this silent epidemic, and it is our collective responsibility to take action. 

Promise2Live serves as a call to action, providing a practical, tangible solution for individuals to support one another during times of distress. It starts with a promise. Studies show that people are significantly more likely to keep a promise. That’s why encourages everyone to make a promise to reach out when they’re feeling sad, depressed or suicidal. It’s a simple act, but it could be the lifeline someone needs when they are exactly in a moment of despair.

But it’s not just about making a promise. It’s about sharing it. It’s about showing others that it’s okay to talk about mental health, to admit when we’re struggling and to ask for help.

Make a promise today. Not just for yourself, but for your loved ones and for all those who are silently struggling. Visit to make your pledge, and then share it.

We are collaborating with mental health organizations, businesses, and non-profit organizations, as well as influential speakers and celebrities including actor Jon Voight, we are leveraging our combined strengths to amplify the reach of this campaign.

Companies such as USANA, Gabb, Garff, Stand4Kind, DASH Radio, FanX, Dr. OZ, The Piano Guys, Tai Lopez, Eric Lecler, and Iheartmedia have already embraced the Promise2Live movement, recognizing its potential to create a positive shift in society.

I look forward to seeing you at the Silicon Slopes Mental Health Town Hall on January 18th. Come and learn about mental health resources for you or a loved one:

  • Richard Godfrey, Founding Partner of Avec-Me
  • Cynthia Gambil, Chief Relationship Officer of Saprea
  • Dr. Dave Morgan, Director of Mental Health Awareness for Silicon Slopes
  • John Dye, Executive Director of Skylight
  • Tom Telford, Owner and Chief Strategy Officer of LÉVO
  • And I will share information about Promise2Live.

Let’s spread the word and create a ripple effect that leads to translating intentions into tangible actions.

You might not love yourself enough when you’re going through this. But you might love someone else enough to keep your promise to them. And that promise might just buy us the time we need to get help.

Let’s start a revolution of good deeds that starts with a promise to live. Together, we can stop the stigma, start conversations and save lives.

For more information about Promise2Live, see its 2023 Impact Report, Live Live 2023 video here, and video below of Brandy featured on the We Hear Her podcast by Women Who Succeed.

For more information about the January 18, 2024 (from noon to 2:00pm) Silicon Slopes Town Hall on Mental Health click here.

For a detailed report about Suicide in America read Pain In the Nation: The Epidemics of Drugs, Alcohol and Suicide Deaths 2023, a May 2023 report by Trust for America’s Health

TechBuzz welcomes guest-author Brandy Vega, a dynamic entrepreneur, media guru, mother, philanthropist, and advocate. She’s the founder of Vega Media Studios, a leading video production and media studio and CEO of DANcan, a tech startup focusing on digital authentication.

At 17 years old she joined the Army as a broadcaster and public affairs specialist. During her career, she reported for Fox News, produced shows for worldwide audiences, and served in executive positions. She also does freelance work for several companies. 

Brandy's passions also extend to humanitarian work, where she founded her own nonprofit organization, Good Deed Revolution, to promote mental health and suicide prevention. Her current campaign is Promise2Live. Her goal is to create a viral movement that empowers individuals to make a promise, whether or not they are struggling, that if they EVER feel sad, depressed, hopeless or suicidal that they will reach out to a friend, family member, a trusted resources or call or text 988!

Once they promise, they’re asked to share it. By sharing on social media, we can stop the stigma, start conversations and save lives! 

Brandy's adventurous spirit, resiliency, and determination are evident in all that she does, making her an asset to any team or project. 


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