TechBuzz recently wrote about efforts to develop land at the point of the mountain now occupied by the state prison. The effort has been underway for years, and now The Point of the Mountain State Land Authority has issued an open and transparent selection process to identify master development partner(s).

“With so many signature features identified in The Point Framework Plan, it is crucial that we select qualified development partner(s) who can bring the public’s vision to life,” said Alan Matheson, Executive Director for the Land Authority. “We are seeking partners who have extensive experience and demonstrated success in building large-scale, sustainable communities. We anticipate selecting our initial partner(s) by summer 2022. Site implementation of phase one, comprising approximately 78 acres near the center of the site, is anticipated to begin in 2023.”

The Point Framework Plan outlines goals and values for the Point development, including:

  • All daily needs can be found within a 15 minutes walk
  • Mixed use planning, with residential, institutional, office, and R&D centers nearby
  • A “one car” community, with many pedestrian and bicycle paths as well as multiple public transit options throughout
  • Public parks and civic spaces
  • Easy footpath access between the Jordan River and the mountainside

From the Point site; “Final candidates will participate in a rigorous competitive process and submit their best proposals. A successful team may then be selected as the development partner(s) for the initial phase of the project. This process will ensure the Land Authority selects a well-qualified partner to achieve the state’s quality-of-life vision for The Point. It is anticipated that the master development partner(s) for phase one will be selected by the summer of 2022. Implementation of phase one, comprising 78 acres near the center of the site, is anticipated to begin in 2023.”

Full details can be found at the Point site.

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