By Amelia England

With Tech Week around the corner, Utah's tech enthusiasts, investors, and entrepreneurs are gearing up for an exciting week of education, collaboration, and innovation. Kinect Capital invites you to add three unique events to your schedule: a panel discussion on Salt Lake City’s air quality; a deep dive into Utah’s investment landscape; and a Sundance-inspired presentation for founders in the film industry. James Kemp, Executive Director at Kinect Capital, is a panelist at two of these events: “Clearing the Air” and “Film Tech and Finance.” 

Clearing the Air: Entrepreneurial Solutions for Salt Lake City's Environment
Wednesday, January 24 | 3:00pm to 5:30pm
Thomas S. Monson Center, Salt Lake City

At this panel and workshop, you’ll gain insights into pressing environmental challenges and explore cutting-edge solutions in the entrepreneurial sector, positioning your startup or small business for positive impact and growth. Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, industry experts, and potential collaborators during the event; attendees can foster relationships that could catalyze new partnerships and business opportunities. The event is presented by US Ignite in partnership with Kinect Capital and the Salt Lake City Department of Economic Development.

A quick preview of the three sessions:

Session 1: Understanding the Air Quality Issue in Salt Lake City

Explore the present condition of air quality in Salt Lake City, identify key concerns, and discuss necessary actions. Delve into the demographics at risk and consider potential steps forward. Additionally, explore available technologies addressing air quality issues.

​Session 2: Developing the Environmental Tech Business Landscape in SLC

Discover startup and small business prospects in the environmental tech sector. Gain insights into ongoing initiatives, existing businesses, and their operational strategies.

​Session 3: Air Quality Workshop

​Explore the landscape of environmental sensor technology, grasp the realm of possibilities, delve into potential partnership opportunities at both state and local levels, and look at avenues for growth. 

Join to learn more about environmental sensor technology and unlock new possibilities and potential partnerships with industry, government, and academia. You’ll benefit from US Ignite's expertise and deep-rooted connections.

Investing in Utah
Friday, January 26 | 2:00pm
Silicon Slopes HQ

"Investing in Utah" promises a deep dive into the state's investment scene and current venture landscape. Industry leaders Kat Kennedy (Kickstart), Luke Gunderson (Beehive VC), and Sterling Snow (Pelion) will share insights on current trends and opportunities for a comprehensive understanding of Utah's investment landscape. Co-sponsored by Utah VC (Lehi) and Kinect Capital, this event offers a unique chance for networking, fostering connections to help shape the future of investment in the state. 

Film Tech and Finance: During Sundance and Tech Week
Saturday, January 27 | 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Thomas S. Monson Center

In appreciation of the Sundance Film Festival and co-sponsored by Utah Film Mentors and Kinect Capital, "Film Tech and Finance" is a must-attend event for founders and tech enthusiasts interested in the intersection of technology and the film industry. Delve into the latest innovations in film technology and explore how venture capital and private equity firms play a crucial role in funding advancements. Attendees will gain insights into navigating the complexities of funding in the film industry, opening new doors for collaboration and investment. 

For more information about these co-sponsored events from Kinect Capital, please reach out to Amelia England at 

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