Today, AI Utah, in collaboration with the Codebase, Maschoff Brennan, Domo, Weave, Phi, Women Tech Council, Utah Business, Forge Utah Foundation, Techbuzz, Method, Goal, Mercato, and Silicon Slopes, announced its inaugural AI Utah 100 list, recognizing the top 100 individuals that are leading the field of artificial intelligence in Utah. 

AI 100 honorees were honored at an exclusive reception at Weave’s headquarters in Lehi, Utah. Entertainment was provided by a convincing Star Wars Cantina Bar quartet.

“Over the past year we’ve really seen AI take a stronghold in the technology industry as well as its impact in businesses globally,” said Jon Bradshaw and Gunjan Saini Bradshaw, the couple who co-founded both AI Utah and Codebase. “Utah is one of the driving forces of adoption of AI with companies developing and implementing the technology to groundbreaking research to industry-transforming applications. This list makes up those at the forefront of this digital transformation who are advancing AI’s impact here in Utah.”

The list of honorees were nominated by their peers and evaluated by a panel of notable industry experts whose collective expertise provided a comprehensive and fair evaluation of the candidates focusing on research excellence, technological innovation, real-world impact, and community engagement. 

Honorees were placed in one of three categories—Futurist, Builder, and Integrator—that highlight their role in building Utah’s AI ecosystem.

The 2024 AI Utah 100:

Amirali Abdullah—
Andrew Blevins—Leash Biosciences
Andrew Carr—Cartwheel
Aparna Chakkalakkal Sankarankutty—Allurion Technologies
Cahlan Sharp—SchoolAI
Cameron Bell—Bunked    
Carter Rees, PhD—Entrata
Chris Brousseau—JPMorganChase
Chris Sypherd—Qualiti
Cody Maughan—Bunked 
Dallin Bentley—Buster    
David “Gonzo” Gonzalez—    
David Wright—Pattern
Dennis Wilkins—Airbnb 
Dusty Chadwick—Voze
Earl J Cahill—Whistic
Eric Riddoch—BENlabs    
Ilya B. Reznik—Jaunt    
Ivan Hladush—    
James Jensen—Recursion
Jared Moore—Weave
Jepson Taylor—Entrepreneur    
Joseph Davison—Neural Assembly    
Julia Silge—Posit PBC    
Kristie J. Rowley, PhD—Domo
Matt Sharp—LTK 
Murium Iqbal—Etsy    
Nathaniel Neubert—Deep Health
Nelson Griffiths—Double River Investments    
Nick Walton—Latitude
Parker Holzer—Spiff
Peter McLean—Recursion
Philip Huebner—Pattern 
Rose Lightheart—Enveda Biosciences
Ryan Johnson—Grain
Spencer Peterson—Halda    
Zach Holmquist—Seer    
Olivia Gonda—Biolexis Therapeutics,

Cydni Tetro—Women Tech Council     
Dr. Cain Elliott—Filevine
Dr. Carlos Kemeny—
Dr. David Wingate—Brigham Young University    
Gaurav Patel—Adobe 
Joe Reis—Author
Kevin Moon—Utah State University
Matt Harrison—MetaSnake 
Matt Housley, PhD—Ternary Data    
Nancy Fulda—Brigham Young University    
Robert Thomas Pottorff—NVIDIA    
Sean C. Warnick—Brigham Young University
Tim J. Kapp—Cinco.AI
Tori Hooper—Utah System of Higher Education
Tyler J Jarvis—Brigham Young University

Aaron Davis—Google Cloud
Adam Sidwell—Future House Studios    
Alan Whitaker—BambooHR
Allan Carroll—LoanSnap 
Barclay Lincoln Burns, PhD—Utah Innovation Fund 
Bassam T. Salem—AtlasRTX, a NICE Systems Company    
Ben Ainscough Ph.D.        
Berton Earnshaw—Recursion
Blake Rouse—Buster
Brad Ferguson—BENlabs    
Catherine Wong—Entrata
Chet D. Linton—AEGIX 
Coco Zuloaga—Tuva Health
Dan Caffee—VOZE
Dan Lambert—Pathology Watch
Daren Thayne—Domo    
David Healey—Enveda Biosciences    
David Hedengren—Microsoft 
Eddy Ekstrom—Limble CMMS    
Gregory Larson—Jasper    
Imran S. Haque—Recursion
Jacob Miller—Pattern
Jamie E. Morningstar—Qualtrics    
Jason Thelin— 
Jeff Lewis—Verisk    
Jeffrey Humpherys—Harbor Health
Joon Beh—Hallo 
Jordan Morrow—Bodhi Data
Justin Lindsey—mi|    
Kirk Ouimet—Phi, Inc.    
Levi Thatcher—Pluralsight
Linda Klug -- Airin
Lindsey Zuloaga -- HireVue
Loren Larsen -- Videra Health 
Manu Sood -- AvidXchange
Marissa Saunders -- Recursion
Mason Victors -- Idealist Warrior Labs
Meg DeWolf—Pattern
Melissa Loble—Instructure
Miriah Peterson—SoyPete Tech
Nate Sanders—Artifact
Newel Cobb—Pattern
Nick Baguley—Mastercard 
Niel Nickolaisen—Utah State University
Paul B. Allen— 
Peter West—Qualiti
Saúl Leal—OneMeta
Sean Kirkby—NICE    
Shane Swenson—Techcyte
Sunny Washington—Seer    
Tyler Folkman—BENlabs
Chris Knoch—AWS 
Lina Nilsson, PhD—Recursion

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