Today bootstrapped crypto real-estate platform ALTA has announced details of its ALTA Vertiports Concept.

Alta Finance, aka AltaFin, or simply "ALTA" was co-founded in Lehi, Utah in August 2020 by Jeremy Crane, Ammon Werner, and Rob Fuller, with the vision of opening access to commercial real estate. The founders believe in the next decade, real estate investing will be decentralized, democratized and easily accessible. They aim to build the protocols, tools, and infrastructure for this future across the Internet at scale. Their vision includes a "vertiports" concept which entails a network of thousands of landing locations, configured in one to four ports per location, to accommodate drone-technology inspired airborne taxis that can vertically take off and land at thousands of vertiports or vertistops which are located on a relatively small parcels of real estate throughout urban, suburban, and rural areas.

“We are excited to release this concept publicly to the broader crypto, real estate, and air mobility markets,” said Jeremy Crane, CEO and Founder of ALTA.

“This innovative business model combined with our unique, modular design language highlight the strength and expertise of the ALTA team as well as allowing us to continue on our trajectory of developing world-changing real estate projects financed using DeFi crypto protocols,” adds Crane.

ALTA is committed to building the largest network of rapid-deploying, vertiports, and vertistops across metropolitan, suburban, and rural hubs throughout the United States using a franchise-based, go-to-market strategy in combination with low-cost design and deployment.

This vertiport network is aligned with ALTA’s previously stated vision of driving commercial real estate development and financing using DeFi protocols. ALTA aims to build 10,000+ landing locations over the next decade.

The company's vision of vertiports will include the following attributes:

  • MonoPort, DuoPort, TriPort, and QuadPort designs with climate-controlled passenger lounges
  • Express S, Express M, and Express L kiosks for existing parking decks and lots for Vertistops
  • Low-cost, possibly subsidized, landing fees
  • Low-cost, rapid deployment via franchise model
  • Low-cost franchise fee and competitive revenue split
  • Vertiport OS for streamlined booking of reservations
  • Vendor agnostic

To learn more about the ALTA Vertiports concept visit

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