CompTIA has revealed details of its learning and certification programs for the growing job market for artificial intelligence (AI) skills.

“The crossing of the AI chasm means workers and companies need to quickly hone their skills-building strategies across AI domains,” said Thomas Reilly, chief product officer, CompTIA. “CompTIA’s investments in these areas confirm our commitment to delivering best-in-class competency-based learning and certifications designed for the age of AI.”

Through the new Essentials and Expansions Series, CompTIA will address the need for AI skills competencies in four existing job clusters: software development, cybersecurity, systems operations (SysOps) and data analytics; and two emerging job roles, prompt engineering and AI systems architects.

* expanded product
  AI Essentials   Any Occupation 
  Sec AI+  *   Security Engineers
  PenTest AI+  *   Penetration Testers
  CySA AI+  *   Security Analysts
  Data AI+  *   Data Analysts
  AI SysOp+ *   Systems Operations
  AI Scripting+  *   Tech Support, Network Operations
  AI Architect+  *   AI Systems Architects
  AI Prompt+  *   Prompt Engineers

The CompTIA Essentials Series is designed to boost foundational technological competence across a range of job roles, in both tech-specific positions and adjacent occupations that rely on technology. Scheduled for release in July 2024, CompTIA AI Essentials will help learners understand the landscape of AI, the tools that are available and how they may best be applied, challenges that may arise with AI usage, how AI can enhance human work and creativity and potential future implications of AI.

CompTIA Expansion Series focuses on building deeper advanced skills for specific industries and job roles on top of an underlying CompTIA Plus (+) or Pro certification (Sec AI+ as an expansion to Security+ for example) allowing learners to keep up with technological advancements without re-treading skills previously acquired and frequently practiced.

Upcoming Expansion releases will address employer demands for AI skills in various tech disciplines, starting with cyber engineering (Security+), analytics (CySA+) and pen testing (PenTest+) job roles. This involves exploring how AI and AI-enabled tools can enhance cyber defense through quicker threat detection and response while recognizing their potential in creating sophisticated threats. Future CompTIA Expansions will focus on skillsets for fully leveraging AI in systems operations, tech support, AI systems architecture and prompt engineering.

The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) is the leading information technology (IT) certification and training body. CompTIA is a mission-driven organization committed to unlocking the potential of every student, career changer or professional seeking to begin or advance in a technology career. Millions of current and aspiring technology workers around the world rely on CompTIA for the training, education and professional certifications that give them the confidence and skills to work in tech.

In December 2022, CompTIA, headquartered in the Chicago area (Downers Grove, shown above), acquired TestOut Corporation, an ed tech company previously headquartered in downtown Pleasant Grove, Utah. CompTIA's Utah employees now either work out of Kiln Lehi or work remote.

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