CompTIA, the world’s leading information technology (IT) certification and training body, has launched a new free resource, Career Explorer, an interactive online platform designed to connect people with everything they need to learn what it’s like to work in tech. It removes the complexity and uncertainty about working in tech for students, career changes, career counselors, HR teams, recruiters and others.

Users can access it for no cost, making it easier for them to learn what it takes to join the technology workforce.

“The Career Explorer was created to inform, inspire, and empower anyone interested in pursuing a rewarding career in technology,” said Todd Thibodeaux, president and CEO of CompTIA. “This is the most comprehensive and valuable information hub available today. Connecting people to real-world stories and the latest research on salaries and job openings allows anyone to learn more about technology while taking control of their careers and futures. We built this tool to showcase the many diverse and dynamic pathways you can take to build a fulfilling career.”

A highlight of Career Explorer is a collection of video interviews with people from all walks of life who discuss how they found their way into the tech workforce.  The videos, filmed on location throughout the nation, explore a host of inspiring stories behind rewarding and varied careers in technology.   

As with CompTIA’s other data-based research tools, Career Explorer allows users to drill down into geographic regions to learn details about various tech careers—from desired skill sets to current salaries.

Along with putting the latest industry research at their fingertips, the platform features career assessment quizzes designed to provide objective feedback and insights. These delve into a person’s digital skills as well as their work and career priorities to provide the best possible advice. One-on-one career coaching also is available to answer specific questions and provide individual guidance.

“There are currently about 44 million individuals across the labor market wanting to make a career change or reach for the next rung on the career ladder,” said Thibodeaux. “Our goal with Career Explorer is to help people unlock their potential and build rewarding careers with the technology skills they need to succeed.”

The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) is the leading information technology (IT) certification and training body. It is headquartered in the Chicago area. CompTIA is a mission-driven organization committed to unlocking the potential of every student, career changer or professional seeking to begin or advance in a technology career. Millions of current and aspiring technology workers around the world rely on CompTIA for the training, education and professional certifications that give them the confidence and skills to work in tech. In December 2022, CompTIA acquired TestOut Corporation, an ed tech company once headquartered in Pleasant Grove, Utah. CompTIA's Utah employees now work out of Kiln Lehi. 

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