Crumbl has released exclusive Big Game Cookies in preparation for potential gatherings and parties to celebrate sports teams whose color schemes may be red and black or red and gold. These limited-edition cookies are available only from Thursday, February 8th, through Saturday, February 10th.

At the heart of Crumlb's exclusive offering are Crumbl's two star players: Team Red & Black and Team Red & Gold.

"Each cookie has a unique flavor profile and texture, making them the ultimate companions for sports enthusiasts and sweet-toothed fans alike," said Amy Eldredge, Vice President of Menu at Crumbl.

Team Red & Black:

A dark chocolate cookie rolled in cookies & cream crumbs, topped with red and white swirled cream cheese frosting, then dusted with cookies & cream crumbs.

Team Red & Gold:

An original cookie rolled in golden cookies & cream crumbs, topped with red and white swirled  cream cheese frosting, then dusted with vanilla cookies & cream crumbs.

"Every Big Game party deserves a little Crumbl treat, no matter which team fans are cheering on; Crumbl’s cookies are designed to create and share memorable moments with friends and family. Crumbl's Big Game Cookies are versatile enough to elevate any gathering, from creating a team-inspired dessert bar to pairing the cookies with a favorite beverage during halftime," said Eldredge.

Eldredge continued, "Crumbl is excited to present our exclusive Team Red & Black and Team Red & Gold cookies, specially designed for the Big Game weekend. These cookies embody the spirit of the game with their unique flavors and visually striking presentations, adding an extra layer of delight to shared moments."

For those who may be hosting sports parties this weekend, Crumbl offers catering, so long as orders are placed on or before Saturday February 10.

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