ELB Learning has announced the launch of AI services – including AI IQ, AI Discovery, and AI Create. These consulting, development, and training services will enhance organizations’ AI capabilities with the insight and tools they need to drive tangible outcomes. 

“AI is moving at the speed of light. Before you can begin to understand what it can do for you, it advances once again,” said Co-founder and CEO of ELB Learning, Andrew Scivally, “Our AI Services will keep your organization ahead of the curve, educating teams on the foundations of AI, assessing the risks and opportunities, and creating and implementing your own AI-powered solutions.”

The American Fork-based company's AI Services offering is broken down into three options:

  • AI IQ: This instructor-led workshop will get employee’s skills and knowledge up to speed ensuring employees can use AI tools to improve productivity and efficiency in their day-to-day work. AI IQ can be tailored to a team’s skill level, whether foundational or advanced.
  • AI Discovery: Through consultative work and design thinking, the AI Solutions Team pinpoints the organization's AI opportunities and risks and provides a customized strategic roadmap to implement and harness AI’s full potential.
  • AI Create: AI experts will help design, create, and deploy AI-enabled processes, tools, and training to supercharge the team’s productivity. The AI Solutions team can help create a change management plan and provide training support for organization-wide adoption. 

“Equipping all employees with AI literacy builds the pipeline for innovation. By teaching core AI thinking across departments and roles, we empower teams to collaborate faster, spark ideas from more angles, and set companies up for AI transformation and impact,” said Chief Strategy Officer of ELB Learning Joseph McDonald. “Our goal is to focus on getting every employee AI-literate as a crucial step before engaging experts, whether internal employees or external consultants.” 

ELB Learning understands that AI plays a large role in what the future of learning and development will look like and has made continuous strides in incorporating AI into its product offerings. ELB Learning’s VR authoring tool, CenarioVR, offers an AI Wizard that creates digital 360-degree images with the touch of a button, Rehearsal, a video-based coaching platform, has an AI coach to give on-the-spot feedback, and Lectora’s AI Course Wizard generates content and presentations.

Additionally, the company appointed John Blackmon, ELB Learning CTO, to the additional role of Chief AI Officer (CAIO).

TechBuzz has covered many of ELB Learning's noteworthy announcements over the past three years, including a profile article from October 2020, its 2022 $54 million investment from RLG Capital (Park City, Utah) and Trinity Investors (Dallas area), and numerous product announcements.


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