Eltropy will provide a webinar titled "Cracking the Code on ChatGPT: How CFIs Can Set Themselves Up for Success" on June 8, 2023 at 10:00am MDT. The webinar will include insights into the implementation and optimal usage of ChatGPT within the credit union industry.

ChatGPT has made a significant impact since its introduction in late 2022, revolutionizing content creation with its ability to generate high-quality, human-sounding text in an instant. This transformative technology has implications for nearly every industry, including the financial sector.

Eltropy believes that fostering more conversations with consumers is the key to success for community financial institutions. While generative AI offers numerous benefits, there are also challenges surrounding compliance, appropriate usage, use case fit, and more. This webinar aims to address these concerns and help community financial institutions (CFIs) prepare for a successful implementation of ChatGPT.

Murali Mahalingam, Eltropy Senior Vice President of AI Business, and Saahil Kamath, Head of AI Product, will cover the following topics:

  • ChatGPT's role in the credit union landscape
  • How to leverage generative AI to expand your digital capabilities and deliver an elevated customer experience
  • Ensuring compliance and security while benefiting from ChatGPT
  • Identifying and overcoming common pitfalls in AI usage

"ChatGPT represents a remarkable leap forward in conversational AI, and we are eager to explore its potential impact on credit unions. This webinar will provide actionable insights to help CFIs harness the power of generative AI effectively.” says Murali Mahalingam, SVP of AI Business at Eltropy, who will co-lead the webinar.

Saahil Kamath, Head of AI Product at Eltropy, emphasizes the significance of maintaining compliance and ensuring appropriate usage of Generative AI in the financial industry. “In this webinar, our objective is to empower credit unions with the knowledge and strategies required to navigate the complexities surrounding 'Generative AI' and introduce compelling use cases that inspire confidence in implementing this process.”

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