Today Inherent Biosciences, Inc. (Salt Lake City) and Genomic Prediction, Inc. (North Brunswick, NJ) announce a comprehensive commercial partnership agreement. The collaboration is set to advance male reproductive health by integrating Inherent Biosciences' groundbreaking Epigenetic Sperm Quality Test (SpermQT, marketed under the brand Path Fertility) into Genomic Prediction's robust suite of clinical laboratory tests.

Historically, the burden of infertility has been shouldered by women, and technological advancements have lagged in providing men with equivalent, actionable fertility insights. SpermQT is a novel test designed to examine the internal quality and function of sperm. This detailed analysis is proving to be pivotal for understanding sperm's ability to locate, bind, penetrate, and fertilize the egg, thus offering a more comprehensive view of male fertility potential.

On the other side of this partnership, Genomic Prediction, a leading entity in pre-implantation genetic testing, brings to the table its ultra high-resolution LifeView tests. Known for their rigorous validation and unique approach, these tests significantly minimize false positives and negatives, enhancing clinical outcomes for IVF patients. LifeView Embryo Screening and Tests also reduce the risk of miscarriage and genetic disease, increasing the success of fertility treatments.

The addition of SpermQT to Genomic Prediction's product portfolio is more than a mere expansion; it represents a paradigm shift that enables fertility specialists and their patients to access detailed sperm functionality insights making the path to a successful pregnancy clearer, faster, and more cost-effective, according to Andy Olson, CEO of Inherent Biosciences.

"In our journey to raise the standard of care, partnering with Genomic Prediction was a natural fit," said Olson. "Their commitment to excellence and innovation in genetic testing aligns perfectly with our mission to bring forward a new era where fertility decisions are made with the best science has to offer."

Echoing the sentiment, Kelly Ketterson, CEO of Genomic Prediction, added, "The addition of SpermQT to our portfolio marks a transformative leap forward in sperm testing. Together, we are setting a new standard in reproductive health, ensuring that every couple has the best possible chance to achieve their dream of parenthood."

Inherent Biosciences is pioneering epigenetic diagnostics in reproductive health and dedicated to closing the gap in fertility technology with innovative solutions like SpermQT. Their commitment to rigorous research and compassionate care underlines their vision of a world where fertility challenges are addressed with equal vigor for both men and women. The company is located in downtown Salt Lake City in the Gateway Kiln. It appeared in the news this week with the announcement of an investment from Utah Innovation Fund, a new state-backed venture capital fund, along with two other Utah-based Life Sciences startups, 3Helix and Rebel Medicine.

Founded in 2017, Genomic Prediction is a leading provider of pre-implantation genetic testing. The New Jersey-based company has redefined the standards of embryo genetic testing with its LifeViewTM tests and is committed to delivering accurate, comprehensive, and impactful results, ensuring a higher probability of success in IVF treatments. The company has raised $12 million in funding to date.

As both organizations embark on this exciting journey, they remain committed to advancing the science of fertility, offering hope, and bringing dreams to life, one family at a time.

See our December 2022 profile story about Inherent Biosciences. Read our August 2023 article about the company's $1.9 million NIH award. Check out the new video below about the company's innovative fertility technology.

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