JobNimbus, a roofing software company based in Lehi, Utah announces today it has acquired SumoQuote, an award-winning estimating and proposal solution for contractors headquartered in Calgary, Canada. 

Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. It closed on December 20, 2023 and was announced today. Vista Point Advisors, a San Francisco-based boutique investment bank, acted as the exclusive financial advisor to SumoQuote.

JobNimbus is the leading project management and CRM software for roofers with 200 employees. SumoQuote is a proposal software purpose-built for exterior contractors with 35 employees.

Ben Hodson, CEO of JobNimbus, said, "This acquisition is a game-changer for the roofing industry. By bringing together JobNimbus and SumoQuote, we're not just offering the best workflow and business automation; we're providing a comprehensive sales solution that empowers contractors to be wildly successful in every aspect of their business.”

Jared Olsen, VP of People Experience at JobNimbus, sat down with TechBuzz and shared the rationale for the acquisition. "Sales representatives in the roofing industry are power-users of customer relationship management (CRM) software. These are the so-called "storm-chasers" of the roofing industry because they go door-to-door after a hurricane or tornado-affected area providing roofing quotes to homeowners."

He continued,

"SumoQuote was known in the roofing industry as having the gold standard of CRM software for proposals and estimates. Job Nimbus has had its own CRM but it's not to the level of SumoQuote's CRM. We did a build versus buy analysis and realized it would be a lot better if we were to just have SumoQuote join us. A lot of our customers were actually asking us to merge together, which is part of the reason we acquired them. SumoQuote is now a part of our core CRM, which solves the biggest issue for sales professionals in the roofing industry, to be able to provide a beautiful estimate that gives homeowners lots of different choices, and then converts into an invoice," said Olsen.

Job Nimbus had been talking with SumoQuote at industry conferences for over a year and a half, according to Olsen. 

SumoQuote CEO, Ryan Shantz, states, "We’ve always focused on helping our contractors stand out from competitors and impress homeowners. By joining JobNimbus, we’ll be able to accelerate this vision into the future.”

David Boss, owner of Emerald Gotcha Gutters, emphasizes the impact of SumoQuote, saying, “Once SumoQuote was implemented into our sales process, our close rate increased from 17% to 27%.”

Contractors using JobNimbus will now benefit from a best-in-class sales experience from right inside its all-in-one roofing software. From point-of-sale to job completion, this will ensure a seamless workflow, automating businesses and improving win rates.

Walter Roos, Sales and Marketing Manager of Top Notch Roofing, described how SumoQuote has helped his business build a reputation and come across as professional and polished, “We dominate in the market locally with our beautiful proposals. Customers give us a lot of compliments.”

JobNimbus plans to leave the SumoQuote team intact in Calgary which will be JobNimbus' first satellite office. The company plans to expand its footprint both in Lehi and Calgary.

For read more about the origin and founder story of JobNimbus, see the May 2021 TechBuzz article about the company.

Listen to Ben Hodson and Ryan Shantz discuss tips for success in the roofing industry here.

For more details about the acquisition, see video below:

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