June 10, 2024, Salt Lake City

Jump announced today that it has raised $4.6 million in funding led by Sorenson Capital (Lehi, UT) with significant participation from Pelion Venture Partners (Draper, UT), and unnamed strategic angel investors.

Salt Lake City-based Jump enables financial advisors to concentrate on their core competencies—advising and building relationships with clients—by using AI to automate repetitive administrative tasks like note-taking, sifting through data from previous client calls and notes to prepare for meetings, writing follow-up emails, generating task lists, and syncing relevant data to CRM through integrations with Wealthbox, Redtail, and Salesforce.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Sorenson Capital and Pelion so that we can do even more to help financial advisors minimize time spent on client meeting admin while elevating the client and advisor experience,” said Parker Ence, CEO and Co-founder of Jump. “The Jump team is proud to play a part in helping advisors future-proof the critical work they do in the age of AI as they help their clients navigate some of the most important decisions in their lives.”

Ence is a University of Utah graduate who holds an MBA from Stanford. After its founding by Ence, Tim Chaves, and Adam Kirk in 2022, Jump launched in January 2024, following over a year of intensive R&D, including a closed beta.

After just a few months, hundreds of RIA and Broker-Dealer advisors are using Jump, which has grown almost entirely from organic word of mouth.

Co-founder and COO Tim Chaves mentioned the new funding today on LinkedIn. "Special day for us at Jump - Advisor AI, announcing a $4.6m fundraise and new partners in Sorenson Capital and Pelion Venture Partners. I'm really grateful to be part of what I believe is a special team, with my co-founders Parker Ence and Adam Kirk. The combination of immense talent and effort these two bring is just incredible. To each of our team members who have joined in recent weeks, huge thank you for the vote of confidence in joining us at such an early stage, and for bringing your best every single day."

Chaves was Founder and CEO of ZipBooks, which was acquired by Divvy 2019 and subsequently acquired by Bill.com. He discusses the backstory of the founding of Jump in a January 2024 blog post.

Jump's customers have shared positive comments about the product:

  • “What used to be 40 minutes of typing meeting notes, organizing tasks, and posting to CRM, we now get 95% done in 3-4 minutes,” said Jack Csenge, CFP, Csenge Advisory Group
  • “You guys... Jump is dreamy! It takes great notes, handles dual partners in one Zoom very well, has a great UI, great support, and it syncs notes and tasks to Wealthbox. It’s SO GOOD,” said Michael Reynolds, Principal, Elevation Financial.
  • “This is already saving our team dozens of hours per month just in notetaking and CRM updating time,” said Veronica Fox, Chief of Staff, Solidarity Wealth.

Jump’s technology has already received recognition from industry leaders, including winning "Best in Show" at the May 2024 Wealthstack Tech Demo competition at Wealth Management EDGE, see header image above). On June 4, it was named a finalist for three categories of 2024 Wealth Management Industry Awards (the “Wealthies”): “Disruptor,” “Artificial Intelligence,” and “Innovative New Application.”

“Jump’s platform is designed to alleviate many of the manual, frustrating tasks that financial advisors regularly deal with,” said Eric Hilton, Principal at Sorenson Capital. “The feedback from advisors has been overwhelmingly positive, praising both the Jump team and their category-leading product. We are excited to support Jump in defining the future of AI-native automation for financial advisors.”

Tyler Hogge, Venture Partner at Pelion, added, “Jump is clearly resonating with financial advisors. Every advisor we’ve talked to has been impressed by the product and its ability to save significant time and elevate the client and advisor experience. Jump fundamentally changes the advisor’s job.”

For more information about Jump and its work to create helpful AI tools for financial advisors, visit Jump's website or follow Jump on LinkedIn.

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