PassiveLogic, the Salt Lake City-based creator of the first platform for generative autonomy, announced today that in response to high demand from the building automation systems (BAS) industry, it has pre-sold its Hive™ Autonomous Platform as part of an early-access program for its first three years of distribution. During a competitive bidding process, PassiveLogic received business plans from distributors across North America, awarding distribution rights to less than 50 percent of proposals. The Hive Autonomous Platform will be available through these selected distributors in the United States and Canada.

The Hive Autonomous Platform is the next generation in building automation systems, advancing building control system technology from simple, programmatic controls to truly intelligent, autonomous systems. PassiveLogic’s ecosystem is capable of scaling to any project size or topology, and works with new builds or retrofits. The Hive Autonomous Platform leverages Quantum technology, the first physics-based digital twin standard and language for describing generative autonomy. With Quantum digital twins, building systems are capable of understanding what they control and simulating the future to determine the most optimal and energy-efficient control path, which can increase a building’s energy efficiency by 30 percent.

“PassiveLogic has spent several years working closely with BAS installation technicians and building controls professionals to ensure our products are designed to empower the ‘doers’ that run the built environment for the rest of us,” said PassiveLogic CEO Troy Harvey. “Their response to our offering has been incredible and the demand is a testament to how fully our solution solves their longstanding challenges. Our autonomous platform democratizes AI technology and makes it accessible to the everyday user with a simplified workflow that revolutionizes the way we design, install, operate, and maintain controlled systems, enabling every building to become fully autonomous.”

Distributors remarked that PassiveLogic’s technology will enable them to better meet their customers’ needs and finally access a solution for building automation solutions for the small- to mid-commercial building market. The 11 selected distributors will be the first available sources for PassiveLogic’s ecosystem of solutions, representing a $500 million market opportunity. These distributors include:

  • Broudy Precision
  • Building Controls & Solutions
  • Controlco
  • Engineered Control Systems, Inc.
  • Jackson Control
  • Lundquist Sales Inc.
  • M&M Controls
  • Rathe Associates
  • Stromquist & Company, Inc.
  • WestExcel Automation Ltd
  • Yorkland Controls Ltd.

The PassiveLogic Hive Autonomous Platform is comprised of eight hardware components that are driven by Autonomy Studio™ software, the first generative software that can design, build, operate, and maintain fully autonomous buildings. They are:

  • Hive™ controller: the first fully autonomous platform for buildings that provides distributed full-stack control built on Quantum digital twins to enable real-time autonomous control at the edge inside buildings
  • Hive Mini™ controller: extend your autonomous platform to remote I/O, providing distributed control and a digital twin gateway for wired and wireless IoT devices
  • Cell® modules: four smart, distributable plug-and-play software-definable I/O units and the building blocks of the PassiveLogic autonomous building platform, customizable to meet any project’s requirement:
    • Multi™ Cell® module for general purpose I/O
    • Relay™ Cell® module with three single-pole, single-throw, normally open relays
    • Power™ Cell® module for directly powering AC loads
    • Motor™ Cell® module for DC electric motor appliances
  • Sense Nano™ device: a tiny yet mighty multi-sensor environmental monitoring device powered by ambient light that gathers deep occupant and building data at less than the cost of a traditional thermostat and communicates via Bluetooth Mesh, in a completely wire-free hardware package.
  • Sense Touch™ device: the world’s smallest touchscreen multi-sensor that brings together beautiful industrial design with actionable insights with eight sensors that monitor air temperature, radiant temperature, humidity, indoor air quality, atmospheric pressure, light intensity, occupancy, and sound pressure

PassiveLogic’s stack of hardware and software is designed to save users time and money throughout the entire building life cycle, from design and installation to operation and maintenance. Thoughtfully designed to eliminate common installation barriers, the Hive Autonomous Platform eliminates home-run wiring mix-ups, provides AI-guided wiring installation, detects proper wire connectivity, and allows installers to configure any mix of Hives, Cells, Sense devices, and other out-of-network devices to match any building topology.

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, PassiveLogic has reimagined the design, building, operatation, maintenance, and management of building control systems to become fully autonomous, using revolutionary "deep physics" digital twins, and AI-enabled future-forward simulation. In a world increasingly impacted by climate change, PassiveLogic has developed a way to cut energy consumption by one-third, by making controls truly intelligent. 

For more information about PassiveLogic, see the TechBuzz articles about PassiveLogic's innovative technology, fundraising activities (a $34 million Series B, a $15 million venture round from NVIDIA's venture arm Nventures), and insights from Troy Harvey, via an introductory 2021 profile article.

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