In January of this year, TechBuzz News reported that Orem-Utah, real-estate investing platform Alta Finance, also known as Altafin, merged with Pocket. Co-founded by Jeremy Crane and Phil Wilson, Pocket is seeking to redefine premium automotive technology and services for the luxury automotive sales market. Its founders believe the way luxury vehicles are purchased and sold will drastically change over the next decade. They are building the tools, infrastructure, and marketplace for this future.

One of the Pocket's key metrics is the total value of vehicles stored in members' private garages. Pocket recently surpassed a significant milestone of $500 million. As of today, it has tracked $514.3 million worth of vehicles in its members' garages.

"We are thrilled to witness this extraordinary growth and achievement within the Pocket community," announced Jeremy Crane, CEO and Co-Founder of Pocket. "Surpassing the $500 million mark demonstrates the trust and confidence our members place in us, as we continue to innovate and redefine the luxury automotive sales landscape."

With this milestone, Pocket solidifies its position as a premier destination for automotive sales pros, auctioneers, enthusiasts and collectors seeking vehicle tracking and sales technology.

In October 2022, TechBuzz announced Alta Finance's founding Lehi, Utah by Jeremy Crane, Ammon Werner, and Rob Fuller. At that time their startup was focused on decentralized, commercial real estate development and financing using DeFi protocols. In March 2023, the company announced a vision to build thousands of vertiports, i.e. landing locations for drone-inspired vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft, over the next decade. 

Recently pivoting to premium automotive technology and services, Alta Finance and now Pocket seeks to address the demand for diversified investment opportunities in the luxury automotive market,"according to Crane.

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