May 23, 2024, Austin, Texas has announced the recent launch of its AI Content Detection technology for consumers. The company is hosting a webinar on May 28, 2024 to show this latest version of its AI Content Detection platform.

Polygraf is a tool to counter the surge in disinformation/misinformation propagating online, including cases of students that have been wrongly accused of submitting AI-generated content as their work.

“Our consumer-facing solution is the extension of our enterprise-facing Polygraf AI Detection suite,” said Yagub Rahimov, Founder and CEO of “We strive to be the most accurate and detailed content detection solution in the market, enabling our users to identify not just AI generated content but also outline the tools used to generate the content in question as well as the original copyright holder. Like we always say, you don’t become an author just because you generated a book via ChatGPT, someone else is likely to own that IP.”

Using Polygraf, individuals can verify and certify the authenticity of their work and protect their reputation, according to the Austin-based company that is investigating establishing a presence in Utah. With a single click, Polygraf users can verify and validate the source and authenticity of digital content that they encounter online. Polygraf AI Content Detection detects traces of AI, identifies the exact AI tool used, and even reveals if AI content has been humanized/paraphrased or intentionally hidden.

Polygraf has been licensing its AI Content Detection technology platform to private sector entities and government agencies, including government agencies in Utah that have recently licensed the platform. With the recent launch of its consumer product, Polygraf will henceforth license its technology to consumers who may simply download the Polygraf AI Detection Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store onto their own computers, create an account, and choose a package. Packages include a limited free version and more robust versions for $14.95/mo and $99.50/mo. Its most advanced version for enterprises includes all available features: highlighted AI content detection, humanized content, source detection, plagiarism detection, deception filtering, file analysis, image content analysis, PII/PPI/PHI data redactor, PII/PPI/PHI highlighter and Confidential Content Detection.

The company claims accuracy rates of 92%+ in detecting AI-generated content, based on an independent analysis in which Polygraf scored between 92-98.4% in accuracy in a competition hosted by Kaggle in February 2024. Polygraf's findings can be startling. For example, on May 23, 2024 Polygraf independently conducted a content analysis of the TechBuzz About Page. Polygraf's instantaneous results, as shown below, determined the content of this page was in fact written by a human author, and not by an LLM or AI tool. However, it also determined that the human author accepted AI-suggested grammar and punctuation changes—a forgivable sin, one hopes.

For more information, visit the company's website,, or register for the upcoming webinar, Digital Integrity in the Age of AI taking place on May 28, 2024 at 11:00 AM MDT.

TechBuzz readers will receive a 50% discount on Polygraf pricing until June 15, 2024. Use the TECHBUZZ coupon code while purchasing any of the packages, annual packages included, to get the 50% discount.


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