Pest IQ is a SaaS platform that initially marketed to pest control companies but saw a potential market in similar home service industries such as electrical, plumbing, HVAC, landscaping, and other similar industries—basically, any company that take calls from customers and then dispatches a technician who performs a specific, high-skilled home improvement task.

Pest IQ—rebranded Drive—has listened to customer feedback about the company name and today announced the new brand.

"With early feedback from customers, we realized that the purpose of what we do is so much bigger," Weber told TechBuzz.

"At our core we want to DRIVE people to BE better, companies to DO better, and leaders to KNOW more. Driven embodies our vision perfectly."

TechBuzz News published a profile article on the Startup Ignition Ventures-funded startup last August. It described the startup's $600,000 pre-seed investment from SIV. It also explained how the company's co-founders, Adam Weber (CEO) and James Sullivan (COO)—veterans of the pest control industry and graduates of Startup Ignition’s June 2023 boot camp (Cohort 15)—built a time-saving performance analytics dashboard to support the pest control industry. In that August 2023 interview, they mentioned they were exploring the potential to support other home improvement industries and hinted they might expand their offering and rethink the brand after the official launch of the platform.

Driven's platform launched in November, 2023. The company now has over 400 users—up from 15, as of August 2023.

For more information about Driven, visit the company's new website at

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